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The Pandemic demands a new role from leaders – Rejuvenative Leadership

I remember doing an aspiration setting intervention for client three years ago and we called that session Aspiration 2020. We created the aspiration, strategies and goals that the client will achieve in 2020. I am sure many organisations would have created their short term and long-term plans and COVID- 19 suddenly changed everything, at least for most organisations.

The current reality

The priorities have suddenly changed, Organizations had to suddenly make arrangements so that large number of people could work from home. The customer demands dropped, and the economic situation of the country changed. The good news is that many organisations were able to quickly adapt, cope with the sudden and unexpected turn of events and do what all can be done.

Still, there is a huge need now to regenerate and rejuvenate the system with new hopes, aspirations, strategies and actions. There is a need to energise and revitalize the system and inject an escape velocity to move forward. While intuitively many leaders do a good job of creating new hope and strategies and injecting new energy in the system, they might not be trained in methodologies and strategies of organisation rejuvenation.

How do we engage large number of people in the organisation in conversations that matters to all, how do we make sense of the external reality and internal energy and effectively co create new aspirations and strategies involving everyone? What do Organizations and employees expect from their leaders at this time? How do leaders demonstrate rejuvenative leadership?

Rejuvenative Leadership

Rejuvenative leader’s role model themselves, inspire others, co-create new aspirations and strategies in an inclusive way and ignite high levels of engagement and enthusiasm across the organisation. This requires deep levels of self-awareness, expertise in engaging large groups in inclusive dialogues, creative problem-solving tools and methodologies and ability to inspire others with a new vision.

We at ODA would love to help leaders who would like to drive regenerative and rejuvenative strategies in their organisations. If you believe few leaders from your organisation could rejuvenate the whole organisation with some help from us and you feel this regeneration and rejuvenation will be better driven internally than an external consulting firm, we have some news for you.

Please download the Rejuvenative Leadership brochure to see how your organisation could get benefitted without really outsourcing this most crucial activity, rejuvenating the system, to an external consulting firm. This way your organisation could save money and recourses (something highly advisable at this time, you would agree) and also build internal capability.

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Santhosh Babu
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Santhosh Babu, Founder, ODA & Orglens

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